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"Enjoy a meal and stay in one of our newly built suites"

Located close to the Williamson Connector of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System


Ride the Hatfield McCoy trails and stay in the comfort and convenience of the Tunnel Drive-In and Suites.  Our facility is approximately 1/4 mile from the Hatfield McCoy Trails in Williamson West Tunnel Drive-In and SuitesVirginia.  Williamson is an ATV friendly town so you can ride your ATV through town as long as you wear your helmet and obey normal traffic laws.

You don't have to be an ATV rider to stay with us.  We provide well furnished suites and amenities for anyone passing through the Williamson, WV area.  Our location and amenities make the Tunnel Drive-In and Suites an ideal place to eat, stay, and play.

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